Monthly Notes

January 2016 Choices

This month marks our final month in the current MOST Member Center. Starting in January 2016, you will be making choices for February under our new and improved MOST Member Center. In the meantime, we have several wonderful themes from which to choose appropriate January materials. These include The Benefits of Home Care theme or the Maintaining Senior’s Independence theme (for those looking to tie in with January’s International Quality of Life Month), the Exercise theme (for all those New Year’s resolution folks),  and the Assisting the Sight Impaired theme (to honor National Glaucoma Awareness Month). Additionally, for all those adult children searching for home care online in January, we have the following themes: Options to Pay for Care, Options to Age at Home, Overcoming Objections to Care, Shopping for Home Care and more!

Need Help Developing a Marketing Strategy?

Get the most out of your MOST materials with a strategic marketing plan. Merrily Orsini has worked successfully with many home care agency owners to identify their best path to success, and can help you as well. Starting with a goal in mind, and measuring for success achieves remarkable results. Let us know if you would like to work with Merrily on developing a strategic marketing plan using MOST. Some say it is a “shortcut to success”.

January Healthcare Holidays

Interested in ordering MOST materials that fit in with an January healthcare-related holiday?

NOTE: For each theme listed, we have the following choices available: Postcard, rack card, educational flyers/website material, PowerPoint, press release, blogs, and social media posts

International Quality of Life Month

  • Benefits of Home Care
  • Maintaining Senior’s Independence
  • Options to Age at Home
  • Seniors Staying Social: How Home Care Can Help
  • Enriching Home Care Through Activities
  • Home Care: Helping Senior Thrive

National Glaucoma Awareness Month

  • Assisting the Sight Impaired

New Offerings

January Facebook Banners: Choose from several different designs for a Facebook banner that is sure to get “Likes”! Find this in the Social Media category.

Digital Impact and Digital Authority eNewsletter Packages: Our new Digital Impact Package includes a Basic eNewsletter with three main articles set up as short teasers, each containing a link to read more. The links will lead to the full articles posted as blogs on your website. The blogs will also be advertised on the agency social media accounts to which you have given corecubed access. Our new Digital Authority Package includes the offerings of the Digital Impact Package with additional SEO enhancements including keywords, internal website links and further customization. You will need to have a WordPress website with a blog section to order these packages at our listed prices. If you do not meet those requirements, please contact for special pricing. FOR THIS MONTH ONLY: To order either of these packages, please go to the newsletter category and order a Basic eNewsletter. Then place $200 in the voucher category and note that you’d like the Digital Impact Package or $300 if you’d like the Digital Authority Package.