MOST Resource Categories

Choosing Home Care

  • A Primer in Home Care (PPT Summary)
  • Benefits of Home Care (PPT Summary)
  • Children with Complex Medical Issues
  • Difficult Decisions Made Easier through Assessments (PPT Summary)
  • Home Care Assistance for Disabled Persons (PPT Summary)
  • Home Health Care Agencies without a Private Duty Arm
  • Options to Age at Home (PPT Summary)
  • Options to Pay for Home Care (PPT Summary)
  • Overcoming Objections to In-Home Care (PPT Summary)
  • Planning for Long-Term Care: Options to Age at Home (PPT Summary)
  • Planning for Long-Term Care: When is Home Care the Appropriate Choice? (PPT Summary)
  • Quality In-Home Care as a Consumer Protection Issue (PPT Summary)
  • Seniors Staying Social: How Home Care Can Help (PPT Summary)
  • Shopping for Home Care
  • Warning Signs That Care is Needed (PPT Summary)

Family Caregiver Support

  • Celebrating and Supporting the Family Caregiver by Using Respite Care (PPT Summary)
  • Home Care Solutions for Family Caregivers (PPT Summary)
  • Providing In-Home Care Assistance for the Sandwich Generation (PPT Summary)
  • Stress-Free Holidays – Caring for the Caregiver (PPT Summary)
  • Sandwiched: When Caring for Parents Becomes a Workplace Issue (PPT Summary)
  • The Hidden Patient:  The Alzheimer’s Caregiver (PPT Summary)

Caring for Diseases and Disorders

  • Age Related Sleep Disorders (PPT Summary)
  • Alzheimer’s: An Epidemic with Education as a Treatment Modality (PPT Summary)
  • Alzheimer’s – Information and Education (PPT Summary)
  • Alzheimer’s: Optimizing Care at Each Stage of the Disease (PPT Summary coming soon!)
  • Care for the Heart (PPT Summary)
  • COPD: Managing Care at Home (PPT Summary)
  • Diabetes and Home Care: A Good Fit for the Diabetic (PPT Summary)
  • Diabetes and Home Care: Resources for the Medical Community (PPT Summary)
  • Incontinence/Urinary Tract Infections (PPT Summary)
  • Kidney Disease: Managing CKD With Home Care
  • Living with and Caring for Cancer: Building a System of Support (PPT Summary)
  • Lung Disease Care
  • Warning! Depression Masking as Dementia (PPT Summary)
  • Osteoarthritis: Education Fosters Independence (PPT Summary)
  • Parkinson’s Disease: Challenges and Choices (PPT Summary)
  • Providing Care for ALS: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis AKA Lou Gehrig’s Disease (PPT Summary)
  • Stroke Awareness and Education (PPT Summary)
  • Understanding and Caring for Someone with Multiple Sclerosis (PPT Summary)

Safety & Independence

  • Assisting the Sight Impaired (PPT Summary)
  • Elder Abuse Awareness and Protection (PPT Summary)
  • Fall Prevention (PPT Summary)
  • Hearing Issues and Solutions for Seniors (PPT Summary)
  • Home Modifications for Fall Prevention (PPT Summary)
  • Maintaining Safety, Health and Independence with Technology at Home (PPT Summary)
  • Maintaining Seniors’ Independence Through Home Care (PPT Summary)
  • Making the Home Safe and Better Equipped for Aging in Place (PPT Summary)
  • Home Care Equipment (PPT Summary)
  • Safety First – Body Mechanics for Family Caregivers (PPT Summary)

Healthier Living Through Home Care

  • Diet and Nutrition: How Home Care Helps Keep Home-bound Eating Well (PPT Summary)
  • Enriching Home Care Through Activities (PPT Summary)
  • Exercise and Activity – Strength, Balance, Flexibility and Endurance to Stay at Home with Care (PPT Summary)
  • Home Care: Helping Seniors Thrive (PPT Summary)
  • Immunization Awareness (PPT Summary)
  • Medication Management (PPT Summary)
  • Skin Care for Older Adults (PPT Summary)

Care Coordination


  • Family Holiday Activities Can Include Seniors (PPT Summary)
  • Recognizing Care Needs over the Holidays (PPT Summary)

Miscellaneous Presentations